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Water Purity Redefined for a Thriving Planet

WE2C Environmental, the specialized water treatment division of ME2C Environmental, is taking the charge in revolutionizing water purification technologies. Dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and superior quality, we are committed to delivering unparalleled water purity, addressing today's environmental challenges and anticipating the needs of tomorrow.

Do you know?

In the Early 2024, there are over 5,021 known sites contaminated with PFAS across all 50 states, including public and private water systems


More than 200 million Americans are at risk of exposure to unsafe levels of PFAS and other waterborne contaminants


Exposure to PFAS is linked to a range of health issues, such as cancer, liver damage, immune system suppression, and developmental effects in fetuses and infants


WE2C is finalizing the development of an innovative renewable sorbent technology which we intend to produce in a US manufacturing facility using domestically sourced renewable raw materials.

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Application and Impact

WE2C Environmental's technology portfolio spans a broad array of water treatment applications, offering significant environmental and health benefits:

Municipal and Industrial Wastewater

Delivering tailor-made solutions for wastewater challenges, ensuring both regulatory compliance and environmental safeguarding.

Potable Water

Transforming drinking water treatment with technologies that effectively remove PFAS and other harmful contaminants

Resource-Friendly Activated Carbon

Leading innovation in the activated carbon market to produce a more environmentally friendly and efficient product, meeting the stringent demands of modern environmental standards..

Our Team

Meet some of the core team members dedicated to transform the water treatment industry.

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Richard MacPherson

President and CEO, Director

Richard MacPherson, with over 30 years of executive experience, is the President and CEO of ME2C since 2016. He oversees the expansion and commercialization of the company's emissions control technologies. MacPherson is a recognized professional in the mercury emissions control industry.

Stacey Hyatt

Executive Assistant, Corporate Communications

Stacey Hyatt, with over 20 years of corporate stewardship, supports C-level executives and manages the administrative arm of ME2C Environmental. She's an advocate for corporate branding and streamlines sales processes.

Dr. David Mazyck

Division Director, WE2C Environmental

Dr. David Mazyck, a US Army veteran and Ph.D. holder from Penn State University, has over two decades of experience at the University of Florida. He owned an activated carbon company, commercialized products, and served in critical roles within AWWA.

Dennis Baranik

National Director of Sales

Dennis Baranik, an experienced executive, has effectively led both startups and Fortune 100 companies. He has spent the last decade in a senior role at an activated carbon supply firm, helping companies enter the water treatment industry.

What is potable water treatment?

Potable water treatment is the process of making water safe for drinking and other domestic uses by removing contaminants, pathogens, and undesirable chemicals. This typically involves filtration, disinfection, and chemical treatments.

What are PFAS and why are they a concern?

PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) are a group of synthetic chemicals used in various industrial and consumer products for their water- and grease-resistant properties. They are a concern because they are persistent in the environment and human body, and exposure to high levels of PFAS has been linked to various health issues including cancer, liver damage, and immune system effects

How can PFAS be removed from drinking water?

PFAS can be removed from drinking water using advanced treatment technologies such as activated carbon filtration, ion exchange, and high-pressure membrane systems like reverse osmosis. These methods are effective in capturing and reducing PFAS concentrations to safe levels.

What are the regulatory standards for PFAS in drinking water?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) for PFAS in drinking water, including 4 parts per trillion (ppt) for PFOA and PFOS. These regulations are part of ongoing efforts to address PFAS contamination and protect public health

What are the health risks associated with PFAS exposure?

Long-term exposure to PFAS has been linked to adverse health effects such as cancer, liver damage, decreased fertility, increased risk of asthma and thyroid disease, and immune system suppression. These risks highlight the importance of removing PFAS from drinking water

What is WE2C Environmental role in addressing PFAS contamination?

WE2C Environmental is developing advanced potable water treatment technologies specifically designed to remove PFAS and other contaminants. Our patented SEA® Sorbent Technology and Granulated activated carbon (GAC) solutions are efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

"We are going to do for Water what we've already done for Air."

Richard Macpherson


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